The Rise of Brokers

Call us biased but we think mortgage brokers play a very important part of the Australian mortgage industry. And each year more and more borrowers agree. Mortgage brokers now account for just over half of all new home loans in Australia.

The reasons to utilise the services of a broker are obvious as we work for you the borrower, not the lenders. Brokers are totally independent and have a wide range of lenders to choose from in order to find the best loan for the customer’s needs. We also negotiate interest rates on your behalf to ensure you are always getting the best deal.  The other benefit for borrowers is that the services of a mortgage don’t cost them anything as we are renumerated by the lenders.

Brokers don’t only assist customers with new lending either. Refinances and existing loan reviews are a very important part of what we do. This way we always ensure you are getting the best possible deal in the market place. If your existing rate is just 1%pa above the current best offer in the market, on a $400,000 loan you could be paying $4,000pa too much.

Mortgage brokers specialise in ensuring you are not paying more than you should. So if you haven’t engaged the services of a broker in the past then why not?

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