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For 22+ years, Aussiewide has been helping Geelong locals finance their company and personal vehicles.

Want To Know Your Options When It Comes To Geelong Car Loans? You're In The Right Place...

Buying a new car is an exciting experience. However, before you start window shopping or visiting dealerships, it’s important to know how much you can afford to borrow and what your repayments will be, so you can start looking today.

A word of warning: not all loans are the same. In fact, interest and terms can vary wildly. And some loans will leave you far worse off.

Want to make sure you don’t waste a cent on interest and fees (and have more money for the vehicle/s you really want)?

We’ve developed an obligation-free Car Loan Strategy Session to answer your questions and simplify the process of getting the best vehicle loan (with money available in as little as 48 hours). Click the button below to get started.

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We Help You Choose From The Best Car Loans Geelong Has To Offer, So You Can Get Your Dream Car Sooner

Over the past 22 years, the team at Aussiewide Financial Services has helped hundreds Geelong locals finance their vehicles (from their family car, luxury rides, motorbikes and everything in between).

Unlike banks who can only offer their own loans (whether they are best for you or not), we compare hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to help you get the very best vehicle finance. Plus, we make it quick and easy – guiding you through every step to maximise your approval and get you the money within 48 hours.

And while other brokers may be able to get you a loan, we help you structure your finances to also save interest, fees and tax, so you have more money to get the car you really want.

Our Free Service Has Been Designed To Make It Easy For Geelong Locals To Save On Their Car Loans

We make getting the right vehicle loan quick and easy by giving you:

  • A comparison of hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to ensure you get the best loan available (with rates comparable to home loans)
  • Access to our network of trusted experts to help you maximise your approval, and structure your finances for flexibility, security, and tax savings
  • Help with all the paperwork, saving you hours of complicated admin (we can even arrange everything over the phone or online)
  • Ongoing support to ensure your vehicle loans are always optimised to ensure you’re getting the best deal (hundreds of 5-star reviews demonstrate our long-term commitment to clients)

We’ve been helping Geelong families for more than 22 years (go Cats!).
We can help you find a great vehicle loan, fast.

What Other Happy Borrowers Are Saying

Over the past 22 years we’ve helped hundreds of Geelong families secure better loans so they can get the vehicles they want – sooner. Here’s a small sample of what others are saying about their experience with Aussiewide.

Aussiewide provided my family and I with a 5 star service. For us, finding the right loan, at the right rate was a daunting thought. Scott and the team made the process extremely smooth and easy through his professionalism and ability to openly communicate with us at all times.

Being guided towards an affordable loan rate has allowed us to be financially comfortable. This has taken the pressure off and ensured we can now enjoy our dream home as a family. Thanks Aussiewide!

- Andrew Cook

He was onto it straight away and even stayed back to see me after hours. Happily, I made the settlement date and was the smoothest process and best customer service I've ever received buying a house, will definitely use these guys again!

- Kerry Harris

We were looked after by Ray. So happy? His professional knowledge and guidance through the entire process just made things very easy and understandable. We will continue to engage Aussiewide Geelong for all our Endeavors. Thanks Ray.

- Neil and Pia

I was in the market for a new home loan and Aussiewide financial was recommended to me by a friend. Andrew made the process simple and as I wanted to still stay with one of the major banks He made sure I still got the best deal available. Highly recommend.

- Vanessa Hunter

Only in recent years have we contemplated our retirement and sea change. Andrew and AWFS have enabled this through their very professional and caring support. Andrew always communicated the financing processes, progress and milestones.

We were never left in the dark, our questions always answered and we were always kept aware of the next steps. I have absolute confidence in recommending Andrew and the AWFS Team in achieving the best outcomes.

- Colin Thomson

We've used their services several times and always found them excellent to deal with.. I highly recommend them.

- Kerry Harris

The Next Step Towards Securing Finance
And Getting Your Dream Car Sooner

Our process in helping you get finance for your vehicles is easy and begins with a Free Car Loan Strategy Session during which…

  • You’ll get an accurate picture of how much you may be able to borrow (and what your monthly repayments will be)
  • You’ll gain greater clarity over what types of vehicles are eligible (and what vehicles may be harder to finance)
  • You’ll receive an easy-to-follow plan that simplifies the entire process and positions you for fast approval (get your money in as little as 48 hours)

Please be assured this session will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. On the contrary, you will receive specific information and ideas to help you get your vehicle sooner.

If you like our ideas, you may be interested in joining the hundreds Geelong locals who we help. Or you can take the valuable information we provide and implement everything yourself. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Specific Advice for Your Situation

The best way to find out about your options, so you have the information you need when you’re ready to purchase a vehicle/s, is to have a Free ABN Vehicle Loan Strategy Session. You’ll also discover how to get the best loan, so you don’t waste a cent on interest and fees, and have more money to get the vehicle/s you really want – sooner.

Free ABN Vehicle Loan Strategy Session

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you better than a bank?

We guide you through the entire application process, saving you hours in admin and positioning you for fast approval. And while banks merely promote their own financial products (whether they are the best for you or not), we are 100% independent and compare hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to get you the very best loan (rates, fees and conditions).

How are you different to other brokers?

All brokers can get you a loan. But we go further to ensure your finances are optimised to save tax, interest, and fees, so you can get more money for the vehicle you really want. Plus, we’ve been operating in Geelong for more than 22 years which means we know the lenders and vehicle suppliers, and have a well-established network of trusted professionals to help you get your vehicle sooner.

How much do you charge?

Using a mortgage broker costs you absolutely nothing.

Banks do pay us a commission that they otherwise would have allocated towards marketing and advertising.

You will usually get a much better deal through us because unlike banks, we’re not limited to the loan products of any one lender.

Not only do you receive free, independent, expert lending advice, we offer additional financial guidance based on our 22 years of experience and our network of trusted advisors.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

Who is Aussiewide Financial Services?

Aussiewide Financial Services is a trusted name in the Geelong area, having successfully helped hundreds of clients get the best loan and save thousands in interest, fees and tax since 1998.

We are a local family business, supporting the local community professionally and socially (go Cats!).

And we offer flexible appointments in our office at 255 Moorabool Street, Geelong, online via Zoom, or at your home.

Understanding Car Loans...

Interest rates
The interest rates of car loans can either be fixed or variable. In a variable interest rate, your loan repayment can rise or fall depending on the car financing’s interest rate benchmarks. If you took a loan with a fixed interest rate, your loan repayments will remain unchanged for the entire loan term. You can typically obtain fixed-rate loans from car dealers.

Loan term
The loan period or term for car financing can be as short as three years or as long as seven years. A longer-term loan essentially means lower monthly repayments but you’ll be paying more in total interest.

Loan repayments
Monthly instalments is the most common for car loan repayments. Nonetheless, you can also negotiate with your lender if the payment can be made weekly or fortnightly. More frequent repayments notably help you cut on interest rate payments as you will be paying the loan faster.

Balloon payment
A balloon loan payment is a lump sum that a borrower agrees to pay to the lender at the end of the loan term. If you want smaller regular payments, opt for a balloon payment. Take note, however, that this may raise your total interest costs significantly.

Types of Car Loans...

Standard bank loan
This is the simplest amongst car loans wherein a bank lends you the money to buy a new or used automobile. Typically, the car loans that banks grant are secured loans, meaning that the vehicle serves as the security for your borrowing. The lender will repossess the car if you default on loan payments. The bank will also require that the car is fully insured.

Chattel mortgage
This involves a fixed loan wherein a financier advances you the money for the car purchase. The financier holds a mortgage over the vehicle as loan security. You can finance the car’s total purchase price or pay an upfront deposit or use the vehicle for a trade-in. At the end of the term, you can also make a residual payment.

Finance lease
In this type of lease, the financier buys the car and then leases it to you. This setup is suited for businesses and individuals who will use for business purposes the vehicle they leased. They can acquire a car with little or no capital spending and just pay fixed monthly rentals. After the lease expires they have the option to return the vehicle, buy, or refinance it.

Commercial hire purchase
Here, a financier purchases a car for a consumer to hire over a set period. This car financing can be tailor-fit for individuals and businesses. Generally, the monthly payments repay in full the loan in the set period. The vehicle is then transferred to those who hired it with all payments completed.

Take note also when seeking a car loan that some preferential options are available to Business owners with an ABN (Australian Business Number) — See ABN Car Loans.

Free Loan Advice for Your Geelong Car Loans

The best way to find out about your options, so you have the information you need when you’re ready to purchase a vehicle, is to have a Free Car Loans Strategy Session. You’ll also discover how to get the best loan, so you don’t waste a cent on interest and fees, and have more money to get the vehicle you really want – sooner.

Free Car Loans Strategy Session