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Geelong Property Investment Loan And Save Thousands In Repayments, Interest and Tax…

So you can get your first investment property sooner, and grow your portfolio more profitably and quickly

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Aussiewide has 22+ experience helping Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula property investors maximise their returns with the right loan and right lending structure.

Which of These Finance Uncertainties Is Holding You Back From Making Money With Property?

Like many Geelong property investors, do you wonder how much you can afford to borrow for an investment property (how much deposit you need, and what the repayments will be), so you can start planning with certainty?

Do you wonder what’s the best way to structure your loan and finances for maximum flexibility and security (after all, you’ve worked hard to get where you are and don’t want to risk anything, right)?

And like most property investors, would you like to know how to get the best loan that saves you thousands in interest, fees, and tax, so you can get your first investment property sooner and grow your portfolio more quickly and profitably?

We’ve developed an obligation-free Lending Strategy Session for Property Investors, to answer all your questions and simplify the process so you can accelerate your wealth through property. Click the button below to find out more.

Free Lending Strategy Session for Property Investors

Finally, Investor Loans Geelong Locals Can Trust To Optimise Their Finances for Maximum Returns

Once you have your own home, you may like to consider leveraging the equity by investing in another property. This is a popular way to save tax and grow your wealth. In fact, 20% of Australians already own at least one investment property. Many own several.

Over the past 22 years, the team at Aussiewide Financial Services has helped more than 2183+ Geelong property owners and investors to enrich their lives through property.

Unlike banks that can only offer their own investment loans (whether they are best for you or not), we compare hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to help you get a great loan (rates, fees and conditions). We can also introduce you to local Geelong-based experts who can help you with everything from finding a property, arranging conveyancing, managing tenants and optimising your finances for maximum returns.

And while other brokers may be able to get you an investment loan, we help you optimise your loans and structure your finances to also save interest, fees and even tax, so you can grow your property portfolio more quickly and profitably.

To find out more, check out our Home Loan Guide for Property Investors.

Our Free Service Has Been Designed To Make It Easy for Geelong Property Investors To Grow Your Property Portfolio

We make financing and optimising your property investment loans quick and easy by giving you:

  • A comparison of hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to ensure you get the best loan available
  • Access to our network of trusted experts to help you structure your finances to save tax, grow your equity, and build your portfolio (and wealth)
  • Help with all the paperwork, saving you hours of complicated admin
  • Ongoing support and loan reviews to ensure your finances are always optimised
  • An easy-to-follow plan and the help you need to make your property investment journey simple and rewarding

How To Get An Investment Loan

Review Your Existing Loan/s: Before thinking about any new finance, we ensure your current loans are the best available.

Confirm Your Equity Position: In order to determine how much you can borrow for an investment property (without needing Mortgage Insurance) we help you analyse and document your current equity position. This may involve an independent valuation of your current property.

Structure Your Investments: Investing in property is not a hobby, it’s a business. We help you get the structure right from the beginning to give you maximum stability and control, so you can grow your wealth without unnecessary risk.

Minimise Tax: Investing in property not only allows you to leverage equity in your current home, it opens you to leverage opportunities in terms of rental income and tax savings. We’ll help you optimise your finances to legally redirect tax dollars to reduce your debts and grow your wealth faster.

Road Map: You’d never begin a journey without a map. We’ll help you create an investment map including a cashflow forecast that demonstrates the future results of your investments, so you know exactly where you’re heading.

Debt Reduction: While ‘good debt’ (leverage correctly) will help you grow your wealth, the end goal is always to pay off the debt to maximise your income. We’ll give you simple strategies to reduce your debt (faster) without having to put your hand in your pocket.

Loan Application: As always, we’ll guide you through every step of arranging your finance including all the fine print, and pre-filling all the paperwork to save you hours of admin.

Ongoing Support: We’ll stick with you for the entire journey, helping you with cash flow and budgeting, so you reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

And because we’ve been in Geelong for more than 22 years (go Cats!),
we have the experience and team to help you build your property portfolio more quickly and profitably.

What Other Property Investors Are Saying

Over the past 22 years we’ve helped hundreds of Geelong Property Investors get the best loans and save thousands in interest, fees and tax. Here’s a small sample of what some of them say about their experience with Aussiewide.

Scott and the team have provided me with peace of mind and an exceptionally better deal than what I was on. The courteous, polite and professionalism afforded to me by all was exceptional.

The communication was clear and they were supportive at every step of the process. Their transparency always made me feel prioritised and valued. They went over and above to make this process as easy as possible for me.

Their responses to queries, even outside standard business hours, was exceptional. I have recommended both friends
and family.

- Fleur Olivia Alice

Andrew and the team at AWFS recently organised a mortgage for me and did a fantastic job. Andrew was a total pleasure to deal with and his professionalism and expertise made the whole process a breeze. I’ll be calling AWFS to help with my next mortgage and have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to friends.

- Joey Hoskings

We were looked after by Ray. So happy? His professional knowledge and guidance through the entire process just made things very easy and understandable. We will continue to engage Aussiewide Geelong for all our Endeavors. Thanks Ray.

- Neil and Pia

We were very happy with AWFS when our daughter was buying her apartment. They happily answered all our questions even those that must have seemed very basic to him. We have since recommended them to friends and they have been very happy as well. They were always easy to speak to, friendly, and did a great job of finding the best financial arrangement for us.

- Carol Lomas-Fisher

Can't recommend these guys enough. After being pre-approved by one of the big 4 banks, I bought a house at auction with a 30 day settlement...after being messed around and with only 3 weeks to go until settlement, I was recommended John from Aussiewide.

- Kerry Harris

The Next Step To Getting the Best Loan For Your Property Investment(Whether You’re Ready to Invest Or Just Researching)

Whether you’ve found the investment property you want, or you’re still months away from making a decision, it’s never too early to understand your options. In fact, many people are surprised by what they can afford right now. That’s why we offer a Free Lending Strategy Session during which…

  • You’ll get an accurate picture of how much you can borrow, what deposit you’ll need, and what the repayments will be, so you can plan with certainty
  • You’ll get more clarity around the profit projections of your property so you can forecast your investment journey and accelerate your wealth
  • You’ll explore ways to structure your finances to legally redirect tax to pay down debt or reinvest for even greater returns
  • And you’ll learn about how our unique process helps you get the best loan that saves you interest, fees and even tax, so you can grow your property portfolio more quickly and profitably

Please be assured this session will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. On the contrary, you will receive specific information and ideas to help you optimise your property investment loan.

If you like our ideas, you may be interested in joining the hundreds of clients we help. Or you can take the valuable information we provide and implement everything yourself. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

Specific Advice for Your Situation

Book your Free Lending Strategy Session and discover how to get the best property investment loan that saves you thousands in repayments, interest and tax, so you can grow your property portfolio more quickly and profitably.

Free Lending Strategy Session for Property Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in property?

Australians are among the most active property investors in the world, with an average of one in every three new mortgages each month arranged for investors. Most of these investors are ordinary people with ordinary jobs earning ordinary incomes. So, why is property investment so popular?

Capital growth. Capital growth is the increase in value of property over time and the long term average growth rate for Australian residential property is about 9% a year. Importantly, because property markets move in cycles, property values go through periods of stagnation as well as decline. This is why taking an investment view of at least 10 years is important. Note: if your investment property increases by 7.5% a year, over a 10 year period it will double in value.

Rental income. Rental income, also known as yield, is the rent an investment property generates. You can calculate this by dividing the annual rent by the price paid for the property and multiplying it by 100 to produce a percentage figure. As a general rule, more expensive properties generate lower yields than more moderately priced properties. There is also usually a direct, inverse relationship between capital growth and rental income. Those properties producing a lower rental yield will often deliver greater capital growth over the long term.

Tax benefits. The Federal Government allows you to offset against your taxable income any losses you incur from owning an investment property. For example, if the amount you receive in rent from tenants is $5,000 less than the cost of servicing the mortgage, and paying rates, water and other fees associated with the property, at the end of the year you can add that $5,000 to the amount of income on which you don’t have to pay tax. If you work as an employee, with income tax automatically deducted from your pay, this means you’ll receive a refund from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) after the end of the financial year.

Low volatility. Property values generally fluctuate less than the stock market. Many investors say they experience greater peace of mind for this reason.

Leverage. Property enables far greater leverage than many other investments. For example, if you have $100,000 in savings, you could invest it in a portfolio of shares, or use it to buy a property worth $500,000 by taking out a mortgage for $400,000. If shares go up by 10% during the year, your share portfolio would be worth $110,000 and you would have gained $10,000. If property goes up by 10% during that same year, your property would be worth $550,000 and you would have gained $50,000.

You don’t need a big salary to invest. If you are buying to invest, lenders will take rental income as well as your own income into their assessment. If you already own your own home and have some equity in it, you may be able to use this as a deposit, meaning that you can buy an investment property without having to find any additional cash. If you don’t own your own home and feel you may never be able to afford one, buying an investment property may be a good stepping stone to one day being able to afford your own home.

How are you better than a bank?

Firstly, which one do you choose? Which of their products is right for you? And what about other lenders, building societies and credit unions?

Australia is indeed the lucky country. We are blessed for choice when it comes to the amount of competition that exists when it comes to the mortgage market. With so many lenders, and so many products under each of their brands, it’s important you make the most of this regarding who and what you choose when it comes to your home loan.

There are a lot of options out there and, with regularly moving interest rates and new products, it’s an ever-changing market. And let’s not forget that if you’re a first homebuyer, you’re probably very new to this.

That’s why a broker makes sense. We do this everyday. We know the lenders, their products and policies and we keep up-to-date with changes. We help choose what’s right for you.

While banks merely promote their own financial products (whether they are the best for you or not), we are 100% independent and compare hundreds of loans from more than 40 lenders to get you the very best loan (rates, fees and conditions). Plus, we help you through the whole process to make getting your new home easy.

How are you different to other brokers?

All brokers can get you a loan. But we go further to ensure your finances are optimised to save tax, interest, and fees, so you can pay your home off years sooner.

Plus, we’ve been operating in Geelong for more than 22 years which means we know the area and have a well-established network of trusted professionals to help you get your first home sooner.

And because we’re a local, family business, you’ll be treated like (and feel like) a valued client and friend. Because you are!

When’s the best time to start looking at finance for your Investment Property?

Whether you’ve found an investment property or just researching the market, it’s never too early to understand your options. In fact, many people are surprised by what they can afford right now.

A free Lending Strategy Session will not only give you details about your borrowing capacity and repayments, you’ll walk away with an easy-to-follow plan and timeline to make sure the money is there when you need it.

How much do you charge?

Using a mortgage broker costs you absolutely nothing.

Banks do pay us a commission that they otherwise would have allocated towards marketing and advertising.

You will usually get a much better deal through us because unlike banks, we’re not limited to the loan products of any one lender.

Not only do you receive free, independent, expert lending advice, we offer additional property and financial guidance based on our 22 years of experience and our network of trusted advisors.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

Who is Aussiewide Financial Services?

Aussiewide Financial Services is a trusted name in the Geelong area, having successfully helped more than 2183+ clients get the best loan and save thousands in interest, fees and tax since 1998.

We are a local family business, supporting the local community professionally and socially (go Cats!).

And we offer flexible appointments in our office at 255 Moorabool Street, Geelong, online via Zoom, or at your home.

Free Lending Strategy Session For Property Investors

Discover how to get the right property investment loan that saves you thousands in repayments, interest and tax, so you can get your first investment property sooner, and grow your portfolio more quickly and profitably.

Free Lending Strategy Session for Property Investors